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Dialysis in the comfort of your home

Dialysis is one of the treatments needed to perform healthy kidneys’ job. Patients need this when their kidneys can no longer take care of their body’s needs. Here at Nursetel, we have our home dialysis care and care partners. Our home hemodialysis or home dialysis care is a type of dialysis treatment performed in the patient’s home rather than in a hospital or dialysis center. It involves using a dialysis machine to clean the blood of impurities and waste products, a process necessary for individuals with kidney failure.

The main advantages of home hemodialysis include increased flexibility, greater independence, improved quality of life, and better outcomes.

With this type of dialysis, we teach them how to operate the dialysis machine and perform the procedure safely and effectively. In addition, patients will typically have access to our support team, who can provide ongoing assistance and guidance as needed.

To learn more about this service, please do not hesitate to message us. One of our staff will be with you soon.