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Here at Nursetel We Live to Care !

Nursetel comes to you wherever you call home and we serve as a partner in your day to day activities. From assisting with bathing, after surgery care, cooking, cleaning, dialysis, memory care, exercise, trips to the doctor’s office, shopping, attending festivals and events side by side, and so much more, Nursetel is your friend in health . Our mission is simple: Nursetel wants to make every day activities easy to accomplish and to assist you in making everyday more enjoyable. A life worth living and living it well with care partners who care for you like our very own family.

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    Geriatric Care

    We provide care dedicated to the aging population, particularly to frail older persons. Whether you’re a senior or you have a parent or grandparent in need of senior care service, we can help you.
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    Nursetel works with the child’s physician and parents in ensuring that appropriate medical care is provided in the home environment.
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    Home Dialysis Care & Care Partners

    Nursetel provides in-home medical care for people living with kidney disease. Our home health aides serve as your care partners whether you need them to sit with you during the day or even overnight. You do not have to be alone while undergoing home dialysis treatments. Our team will work with you and follow your care treatment plan. They are trained to monitor your condition and chart condition changes.
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    Home Health Care

    Each care plan is customized to meet the needs of your care goals. Nursetel preserves dignity and assists our patients in maintaining a good quality of life. Home health care gives you a life fulfilled.
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    Our team offers personalized care and comfort to help you live better with serious illness through the end of life, alleviating pain and suffering, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.
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    We offer habilitation to help individuals with disabilities attain or improve skills and functioning for daily living and achieve maximum independence.
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    Home Infusion

    We offer intravenous or subcutaneous administration of drugs or biologicals at home for your convenience.
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    Physician Services

    We can connect you to a licensed medical physician whether you need care in an office, home, or clinic.
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    Adult Day Care

    We support the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of your senior loved ones through our adult day care services.
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    Adult and Private Duty Nursing

    At Nursetel, we value our success based on the success of our clients. Our clients are our top priority and their care is the essential element of our daily operations. Every Nursetel employee—from nurses and client services managers to field staff are focused on patient centered care
  • Female Doctor Looking At Senior Male Patient Inhaling Through Oxygen Mask

    Cardiopulmonary Care

    Nursetel serves as a partner with your physician in managing your daily heart and lung health needs. Our care team will monitor your condition daily and assist in medication management. We will work with your entire care team and provide education, assist with exercise plans, and help you follow care team instructions as it relates to making necessary changes to your home environment. Nursetel will also help follow informative lifestyle choices. Each care provider will provide charting to describe day-to-day progress for the entire care team to review.
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    Dementia and Alzheimer’s

    The Nursetel care team follows the Dementia and Alzheimer’s patient-centered care approach. Every resident is treated with compassion and dignity. Nursetel’s care staff is specially trained in Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease care. Nursetel provides support for the patient and the patient’s family members. The care team will follow the care plan as designed by the physician.
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    Nursetel can provide an in-home care team to assist in your after-surgery recovery process. Allowing Nursetel to be your partner in recovery can accelerate the process and lead to a more comfortable environment for a patient when they are in their home.
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    Post Surgery

    Nursetel home care provides care staff who will take you to surgery and pick you up from surgery. Nursetel caregivers will monitor you through the recovery process, allowing you to heal from your home after your surgery. The care team assigned to you will check for any complications or infections and let your physician know.
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    Low Vision

    Nursetel Health Care can assist patients with low vision in completing the activities of daily living and errands which they can not accomplish due to poor vision.
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    Fall Risk Balance and Stability

    Fall Risk is a common concern of Nursetel patients. People who experience dizziness and unsteadiness and require assistance during the day from home health aides to assist in strength and mobility. Monitoring patients who are fall risks can assist in reducing serious injuries and create long-term health complications that may result from a fall.
  • nurse checking the skin wound of her patient

    Wound and Skin Care

    Acute or chronic wounds can be the result of a health condition, an illness, or an injury. Caring for these types of wounds or a recurring skin issue can be complex. You may need specialized help, especially if an underlying health condition compromises care or contributes to prolonged healing.
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    Diabetes is ranked second behind congestive heart failure as the primary diagnosis for entry into home care. Nursetel in-home care assists our diabetic patients managing Diabetes 1 or Diabetes 2 with the daily care assistance necessary to effectively manage your diabetes and reduce blood sugar swings and other symptoms. Nursetel home care staff will work with our patients when discharged from hospitals and rehabilitation centers to assist in the transition from hospital to home and provide the necessary continuum of care Nursetel skilled, caring professionals follow a real-life approach to meal planning, blood sugar balance, making good food choices, and lifestyle modifications.

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